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Razr 2022 - Size 6.7"/256GB/8GB/50MP

Fold motorola razr 2022 and it fits right in your pocket or purse, with the top and bottom edges perfectly aligned for a gapless, ultra-sleek look.

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Edge 30 Ultra- Size 6.7"/200MP/12GB/256GB

Capture unbelievable high-resolution beauty in your photos – and see the moments of your life in a new light.

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Edge 30 Fusion- Size 6.55"/50MP/12GB/256GB

Easy to pick up. Hard to put down.
Feel the polished metal frame with 3D glass inlay become an extension of your personal style. And marvel at the bold new colour options, as well as the redesigned camera housing.

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Powerology POWER Accessories Collection

Unleash the power of connectivity with Powerology's diverse range of chargers and cables. No more frustrations of incompatible devices, feel the hassle-free charging and connectivity.

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Powerology Life-Style product line

Elevate your daily routine with Powerology's range of lifestyle products! From the convenience of a mini fridge to keep your drinks chilled, to the effortless cleaning experience of our powerful vacuum cleaners, our products make life easier. Stay connected with our smart gadgets, upgrade your lifestyle with us and enjoy the benefits of practicality and innovation.

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POWEROLOGY Car accessories

Drive in style with Powerology's high quality, distinctive car mobile accessories! Keep your devices securely in hands reach with our range of car mounts and holders, designed for a safe and hands-free driving experience. Whether you're navigating a new route or catching up on the latest tunes, our products ensure your phone is always within easy reach and secure.

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A power bank is like a trusty companion for your devices, always there to lend a charge when their batteries run low. No more running out of juice.

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HH Smart Solutions , avails you with a wide range of smartphone options at the most competitive pricing on the market. Motorola ,Samsung ,Apple, HTC

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SmartPhone Accessories

Looking for the perfect electronic accessories and smart gadgets? Check out our amazing collection of accessories from different categories !

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Home and commericial Audio installations

HH Solutions has teamed up with of the world leading brands to install Commercial and Home Audio . Brands: Harman Kardon-JBL, SONOS ,Powerology ,BOSE, Pyle Audio, Martin Audio, Electro Voice(EV)

50 years ago today, Martin Cooper helped us make history with the first cell phone call 📞.

Whether you had the first DynaTAC, the iconic razr, or the newest motorola edge, comment below with your moto

Motorola founder
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Power Banks

Redefining Superior Sound

Enjoy room-filling sound. Our wireless Bluetooth speaker designs bring movies, video games or music to life


Never stop Styling

SONOS Playbar

SONOS Playbar comes with 9 powerful speakers to create a 3.1 Wireless Home-Theater Sound effect.

Powerology Smartphone accessories

You smartphone needs a high quality , Reliable & affordable accessory!

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Stay Powered: Small Size, Massive Power

Shop High-Power portable power-banks. Solve your low battery problems with RavPower's High capacity power banks.
Comes with different models & colors. High performance power banks, car chargers, wall chargers and more.



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